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Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell 86T3QCarpet cleaners are in high demand these days because of their powerful performance and highly effective results. They have made our lives easier by getting rid of tough and almost impossible to clean stains that sat deep in our carpets and couches.

While there are a number of companies that have jumped into carpet cleaner production, very few can match the quality and consistency of Bissell. Having spent a considerable time in the industry, Bissell has produced some great models over the years. Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Professional grade cleaner is yet another masterpiece from this renowned company.

Product Overview

We will look at some of the top features you will get in this product.

Dirt Lifter Power Brushes

Bissell 86T3 features powerful dirt lifter brushes that rotate and clean out the tiniest of dirt particles from your carpet. Its deep cleaning action goes right to the base of your carpet so that you’re not bothered by the odor of any dirt remains.

Higher Cleaning Efficiency

Comparatively to many other cleaners, Bissell 86T3 is a better cleaner than other professional grade carpet cleaners. You no longer need to rent a cleaner just because it gave better results because the Big Cleaner will do the job for you.


The Big Green Cleaner offers unmatched durability as it is made of high-quality material. It has the anti-tip design that preserves your carpet from damaging while cleaning.

Heavy Duty Performance

You can find some lighter models if you are willing to compromise on cleaning quality. The Big Green Cleaner weighs around 52 pounds and stands nearly 4.5 feet tall. It is because it features professional grade motors that are guaranteed to give the best cleaning results every time.

Pros and Cons


  • It works on both forward and backward motion, so your cleaning time reduces to half.
  • To save you from frequent trips to the sink for draining, the Big cleaner has large tanks for clean and dirty water.
  • Accessories such as stain tool allow you to reach and clean tough and difficult to remove dirt from tough corners.
  • To relieve you from detergents, Bissell gives you it’s own cleaning formula that accompanies the cleaning unit.


  • Brushes can jam after a few cleaning cycles which is mainly because of the belt issues.
  • The pump can wear out quickly because of heavy duty performance.

Who Should Buy Bissell 86T3/86T3Q?

If you frequently arrange a rented carpet cleaner for high-quality cleaning, the Big Green Carpet Cleaner can be a great option for you. It’s professional grade so the performance can be guaranteed every time. All you need is a bit of more storage space to accommodate this unit better.
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Bissell 86T3/86T3Q is one of the most popular appliances from Bissell. It is the heavy duty performance which makes it such a useful home appliance. It will take care your carpet fabric making it look not only clean but as good as new. Buying Big Green Carpet Cleaner from Bissell is a safe bet.

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