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Hoover Max Extract FH50220 Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner Review

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220Carpets are a tough opposition when it comes to cleaning. Be it dry stains dust or wet stains, it is not at all easy to fight these agents especially without proper equipment. Initially, vacuum cleaners were found to be successful in cleaning, but they were limited to dust and dry dirt.

As latest carpet cleaners with new technologies were introduced, cleaning problems were eradicated because they could get deep into carpet fabrics giving the best results. Hoover is a trusted name when it comes to carpet cleaners and in this article, we shall see what the Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro can do for you?

Product Overview

Here are some of the most important details and features you should know about Hoover Max 60 Pressure Pro.

SmartTanks Technology

Hoover’s very own SmartTanks technology allows you store clean and dirty water separately in larger quantities. It saves you from frequent trips to the kitchen sink for draining. Also, it’s made of durable material, so there are very few chances of leakage and spills.

SpinScrub 60

Hoover Extract 60 has powerful counter-rotating brushes which move at different angles making it possible to clean your carpet at all angles. It also takes care of your carpet fiber helping prolong your carpet life quite a bit.

DualV Nozzle Tech

DualV technology lets the cleaner suck up all the dirty water with great efficiency and speed. Accompanied by quick drying heated cleaning technology that we will discuss next, Hoover Extract 60 makes it possible for you to get done with cleaning in no time.

Heated Cleaning

Hoover Max Extract 60 features a powerful motor that drives in hot air. This helps the cleaner dry up the cleaned area quickly ultimately reducing the cleaning time.

Edge to Edge Cleaning

This cleaner also has pressurized edge to edge cleaners that maintain equal pressure at both sides. It gives the users more uniform and consistent cleaning results.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an auto-conversion tool that allows you to select different modes such as wash, rinse, etc. with your fingertips.
  • Rotating brushes make sure that your carpet is not just cleaned but well-polished too.
  • It weighs nearly 27 pounds, so it is conveniently movable.
  • Accessories such as upholstery tools allow you to clean a variety of objects such as couches, cushions and more.


  • Release tab can snap off after a little time.
  • The tanks are durable, but the same cannot be said about the cleaner itself.

Who Should Buy Hoover Max Extract FH50220?

Since this product is quite versatile in cleaning, customers having different furniture items such as couches, sofas and of course carpets can make the most of it.  Also, if you commonly have a dirty staircase and tough corners to clean, the upholstery tools will be ideal for the cleaning job.
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Hoover MaxExtract is the perfect carpet cleaning solution at the smaller and medium scale. It is easily movable; storage is not a problem, so it becomes not only a good home appliance but a great gift item too.

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